Check For These Common Signs Of A Faulty Strut And Cushion

Posted on June 26, 2017 in Blog

Faulty Strut

Diagnosing a faulty suspension system is not an easy task. It is akin to visiting a doctor with a complaint of high temperature, only to be treated to a bout of common cold. A wobbly car or balding tires are the common symptoms to watch out for a while you get the shock absorbers changed.

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Is there any way to identify a worn out shock and struts of your car? These are the indication that you should watch out for.

The Car Pulls To One Side When You Drive
If your car gravitates towards the extreme left or right side, they are a sign of a deteriorating shock absorbent. Get the necessary assistance from a car expert who will align the tires correctly for caster and toe-in. If there is improper alignment, the tires bald quickly, and there is a constant tug-of-war with the steering wheel.

Have you got the flow of how the suspension system works? Your vehicle might be slowing down for some reasons. There is a protruding brake caliper, uneven pressure on the tires or it can be a case of bad alignment. When you visit the service center with these complaints there can be two outcomes. One, you have to spend hours in the shop waiting for a complete replacement or two, they replace the key accessories.

Either way, ensure you take suggestions from an expert before you blame the shocks and braking components.

Subject Your Car To A Bounce Test
When your car is parked, apply pressure on the hood and watch how the vehicle behaves. If they bounce several times, it is a clear sign of a poor shock and worn out struts.

Are your rides rough and bumpy? If you agreed to this fact, you could attribute the problem to the shock absorbers. They are designed to provide cushioning for your vehicle, and when the fluids leak from them, it results in a poor performance on the road.

Your Car Nose-Dives
If your automobile propels you forward each time the brakes are applied, you must book an appointment to find out the status of the suspension.

Another simple test is to check the evenness of the car when parked on ground level. If one side of the car appears lower than the rest, you should consider getting the springs replaced. A poor strut and cushion in your car may result in excessive compression of the spring. The car behaves differently under poor road conditions which can prove to be a danger signal. Do not put your lives at stake or risk running into another vehicle without treating the suspension system.

Push the vehicle down by the trunk and release them. Listen to the creaking sounds that may arise due to a worn out spring. Your car needs to be serviced for poor bushings or related issues.

Do not let a suspension wear damage your car to the point of no return. Identify the signals and replace the bad parts with new accessories for a smooth ride.

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